Meet Gary Kidney, author

Recent Publications:

September 2019. My short story, "Desert Rats," appears in Running Wild Anthology of Stories, Volume 3. Available on Amazon or at Running Wild Press.

January 2019. My short story, "College Visit," appears in The Mighty Line, Issue Three. The editor wrote: "College Visit" will take you on a revealing journey through the modern South to examine its past and raise hope for its future. Prepare to learn, laugh, and love in less than 15 minutes. Also, the story was selected as an honorable mention at the 13th Annual Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards and was a semi-finalist at the 6th Annual Tucson Festival of Books.

A magical experience:

In addition to writing, I enjoy reading and traveling. When the three come together, magic happens. For a visit to Berlin, Germany, I took along Erik Larson's In the Garden of Beasts, a non-fiction book Picture of Berlin's Tiergarten about the family of the U.S. Ambassador to Germany during Hitler's rise to power. The title's garden refers to Berlin's Tiergarten. I wandered the park, sat on benches, and sprawled on the grass while I read chapters written about that exact place. Instead of just reading about the lovers' trysts beneath the Goethe Monument, I felt like I watched as the ambassador's daughter danced in the moonlight.

I opened my tablet and wrote a scene for my novel The Eagle Scout Picture, a crucial turning point where Zelly, my protagonist, discovers everything he's been told is an elaborate lie. You can read my Tiergarten scene.

Since then, I've traveled to every setting in my writings. The where is just as important as the who and the what. Take a look at my writing links from the menu to see the exotic places where I've written.